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Buyer/category manager

A management professional with 6+ years of experience in category and supply chain management, demand planning, commercial management, data analysis, ascertaining industry and consumer trends and devising long-term development strategies for product categories.

Entrusted with developing exit strategies for unsuccessful products, determining pricing and product positioning to maximize visibility, managing inventory and ensuring revenue for the category. Skilled in identifying and developing new vendors and achieving cost saving purchases. Proficient in mapping business needs, translating them into sourcing strategy and developing / improving purchasing programs to meet corporate objectives.

Most recent role :

  • Implementing various category management, fulfilment and performance strategies as per envisaged growth goals.Designation Chronology:

  • Category Manager – Electronics, Toys, Souvenirs

  • Designed complete Saudi and GCC specific souvenirs range leading to 150% growth in category.

  • ▪ Joined category in 2018 business growth 2019 VS 2018 is 62% and 2022 vs 2019 is 38%, achieved highest YoY growth among all categories in last 4 years.▪

  • Highest POST COVID recovery for the company.

  • Played vital role to increase share of a category from 4% to 12%

  • Got international recognition for extra ordinary execution of FIFA merchandise

  • Negotiated CAPEX investment and promoter support for 2022-2023.

  • Secured 20% additional ageing clearance support vs 2019.

  • Developed souvenir range for millennials and Gen Z as well as the Riyadh Airport souvenir range.

  • Presented the category strategy to airport corporations in Tanzania, Peru, Bangalore and Noida.

  • Negotiated terms with brands like Apple, Samsung, Bose, JBL and Cabeau.

  • Introduced the Good Better Best strategy at subgroup level which helped in brand rationalization and process improvement.

  • Devised the hygiene range in short time frame which increased the sales for travel category.

  • Structured toys category by the sub group level launches and concept building. Cross category promotion increased ATV by 13%.

  • Mitigated business risk and improved customer lead times through thoughtful supplier network design.

  • Devised brand, price, supplier and option strategy to tie back to the overall strategy, improving brand and SKU rationalization and improve profitability▪ Identified and reported key performance indicators(80-20) ratio to define successful category management.Implementing various category management, fulfilment and performance strategies as per envisaged growth goals.

  • Skills: Business Strategy · Budgeting · Product Development · Strategic Sourcing · Analytical Skills · Market Analysis · Problem Solving

On request (99011)
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