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My experiences includes over 22 years of experience in the airport industry where I worked with financial management, business management and major IT projects. During this period, I have been central in the preparation of tenders for major airports. I've worked with budgets, forecasts, currency hedging, capital management and development of the people in the organization.

Work experience

On request

CFO/ June 2007 – Febr 2023.

•       Performance reporting of P/L & KPI to the Board and owners

•       Board secretariat and participant at all Board meetings

•       Banking, financing, capital management, currency hedging, auditing and contact with the Tax and Customs Board.

•       Business development, preparation of tender documents with subsequent contracting

•       Responsible for salary negotiations between Virke / HK, and Parat

•       Responsibility for economic and financial functions, also responsibility for, IT and logistics systems

•       Personnel responsibility for finances and IT for a total of 18 employees, of which 5 direct reports

•       International exposure towards Germany and Central Europe

On request

Finance & IT manager / Sept 2001 – May 2007

•       Performance reporting to the board and owners

•       Board secretariat and participation in all board meetings

•       Responsible for contact with bank, financial institutions, audit team and public authorities

•       Preparation of tender documents with subsequent negotiations

•       Personnel responsibility for finance and IT employees in the organization

•       Responsible for salary negotiations against HRAF and LFF.

•       Active participation in procurement negotiations

•       International exposure towards Scandinavia and the UK (Listed on FTSE)

On request

Controller / Aug 2000 – Aug 2001

• Performance reporting to the board and owners

• Liquidity budgeting, budgeting and review of financial results

On request

Assistant Controller / Aug 1997 – May 2000

Part-time position alongside studies at the Copenhagen Business School.

• Responsible for reporting to parent company

• Budgeting and calculation of income related to aircraft handling and cargo



Leader in FAU at Gystadmarka Ungdomsskole (2012-2022)

Appointed co-judge in Romerike and Glåmdal District Court

On Request (9034)
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