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Anupam Mishra (99009)

Senior data retail strategy leader

Drives multi-market partnerships to enhance revenues, customer experience, customer journey and customer insights through data driven models and analysis


Conductive, empowering, and expressive networker, ignites brand engagement and sets high innovative standards for revenue growth, methodically working through challenges with data analytics to create new opportunities to advance the business and strategize international expansions. Passionate and customer centric leader and coach, rallies the team to perform and influence key senior stakeholders. Thrives in a fast-paced environment, designing simple solutions to complex issues. Avid listener, confident entrepreneur, and clear communicator, plans and takes a tough stance in high level negotiations. Management expert in combining strategy, technology, creative design with deep industry expertise with proven track of negotiating with global brands.

Lightspeed Commerce (London, United Kingdom)                                                                                                         


Partnerships Development Manager, Retail – UK, EMEA, MENA

§  Defining new growth opportunities in the Retail and E-Commerce partner ecosystem for Lightspeed by conducting market research and creating a local go-to-market strategy to further secure market leadership in line with Lightspeed’s global strategic vision

  • Developing and managing a strategic pipeline of new partners to deliver the retail market strategy by working with go-to-market and product leaders


Amish Retail Management Consultants Ltd (London, United Kingdom)                                                                       

June’2019 – Jul’2022


(Negotiated new contracts at Brussels Airport for “Antwerp Diamonds “| £2.5M CapEx | £850K OpEx | £380K P&L)

§  Identification, assessment and solving complex business cases through innovations with clients from multiple industries

  • Managing multiple wholesale client accounts, engagements, client delivery and sales pursuits

  • Solving complex business challenges with clear communicated approaches – disruptive and innovative strategies.

  • Devising digital transformations strategies for new revenue streams and growth engines


Star Group of Companies (Influenced businesses in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, India)                         

Feb’2002- May’2019                                              

HEAD OF TRAVEL RETAIL DEVELOPMENT – Gautam Group (Brussels, Belgium)                                                  

(Peak leadership scope: 16 direct and indirect reports, managed retail portfolio of over £30 M)

Played a key leadership and influencing role during expansion, solidifying a notable brand footprint in Europe, gaining recognition as an expert in duty free retail and as a confident negotiator, removing hindrances to gain business crucial agreements. Key projects include:

Gautam Associates nv (Belgium – Added annual revenues of > £5.0M)                                                                              

§  Rebranded the 3 diamonds and jewels retail units ‘Antwerp Diamonds’ as the retail lease contract expired causing staff uncertainty on employment.

§  Captured IP rights for brand, redefined commercial strategy and negotiated new leases for 3 A+++ airside locations with the highest traffic near other luxury brands and gained rights to sell watches along with contributing to continual revenue success

JS Internationale Feinkost GmbH (Germany – Saved OpEx > £650K)                                                                                

§  Negotiated closure of the ‘Caviar & Fine Food’ store at the new satellite terminal in Munich Airport due to lack of flight movements and insufficient foot traffic.

§  Entered difficult negotiations with airport authority to cancel commercial agreement and seek agreement for closure.

§  Convinced the authority to end contract immediately with no indemnities, saving the company a massive OpEx loss.

Arabica Felix sprl (Belgium - £500KCapEx | £450K OpEx | £270K P&L)                                                                              

§  Uncovered an opportunity to partner with a new shopping mall in the Brussels cultural and historical center seeking niche stores for key assist with the mix of retail, luxury, well-being, and amenity vision.

§  Conceived ‘Aksum Coffee House’, an organic coffee from Ethiopia for an A+++ ground floor location with high foot traffic.

§  Led extensive negotiations to secure special lease rental conditions

Gautam Associates nv (Belgium – Succeeded in saving > £350K OpEx losses)                                                              

§  Handled temporary closure of 5 retail units at Brussels Airport in 2016 after terrorist attacks, reorganized operations, aligned sales teams, negotiated with trade unions to lay off staff and with airport authorities for revised operational and commercial concessions.

§  Devised and implemented a viable commercial policy to cater to fallen traffic, removed levy of Minimum Annual Guarantee and related rental conditions to sustain and limit losses.

Gautam Fashion nv (Belgium – Added annual revenue of > £650K)                                                                                    

§  Searched for a viable fashion brand in shoes and accessories as landlords for the Gallery St. Hubert in Brussels asked for a branded shoes and accessories store to enhance their product mix.

§  Signed a GEOX franchise agreement with special conditions due to location for guaranteed operational profit

Arabia Felix sprl (Belgium – Generated annual sales revenue of > £1.50M)                                                                           

§  Detected an opportunity to acquire an ‘Organic Coffee Brand’ from Ethiopia with commercial operations.

§  Explored and located 3 sites in prestigious Brussels neighborhoods and created a franchise model for future expansion

§  Secured IP rights for ‘Aksum Coffee House “for major countries in Europe, Asia and US with detailed franchise program in latter stages and major Japanese operators for key retail locations in airport and railway stations.

Chocobru sprl (Belgium – Revamped sales to upto > £2.50M/yr, added 2 new POS’s in prime locations)                          

§  Tasked to review operations at the ‘Corné 1932’ store in Gallery St. Hubert experiencing severe financial issues.

§  Evaluated operations, crafted a brand reinvigoration strategy encompassing building extension and renovation.

§  Persuaded high profile Leonidas to enter into a franchise agreement for an initial 3 stores.

Chocobru sprl (Belgium – acquired opportunity of annual sales > £1.50M)                                                                         

§  Created a compelling facts-based business case to acquire the high profile ’Corné 1932’ brand situated in a prestigious historical commercial gallery in Brussels.

§  Planned and executed a radical restructure of the recently acquired company, hiring a skilled and driven sales team with experience in retail or FMCG in high traffic venues.

Gautam Fashion nv (Belgium – Added annual sales revenue of > £700K)                                                                           

§  Performed comprehensive due diligence to locate retail units within central Brussels for expansion into leather brands, leather shoes and accessories as the contract in same product categories at Brussels Airport faced expiry.

§  Built rapport with Timberland to discuss and sign an exclusive franchise agreement in center of Brussels with 6M people passing the location per year.

Gautam Fashion nv (Belgium – Added sales revenue of >£750K on top of existing sales > £3.0M from other units              

§  Replied to an RFP from Brussels Airport for a last-minute luxury concept in the long haul, non-EU destination passenger area serviced by numerous major airlines.

§  Conducted feasibility due diligence and submitted tender for luxury portfolio in shoes, handbags, accessories, and sunglasses.

§  Granted the RFP and conceived an innovative concept surrounded by last-minute luxury travel retailers to drive traffic flow.

Gautam Jewels Pvt Ltd (India – Generated annual savings of £650K OpEx )                                                                     

§  Designated to sustain retail operations and interest in diamonds and jewels, increase operating margins, boost value chain and devise a strategy to outsource, grow profit margins and enhance revenues with wholesale clients

§  Formulated and distributed propositions for joint production with various Italian jewel producing firms and negotiated phased production to meet yearly buying trends supported by an export process for semi-finished jewels to other factories

§  Formed a legal entity in India and granted land lease with the government to build a factory in a Special Economic Zone.

Gautam Diamonds & Jewels GmbH (Germany – Added annual revenue of >£1.55M)                                                       

§  Pitched an innovative, novel concept as Munich Airport sourced candidates for the Terminal 2, Non-EU departure zone

§  Architected the iconic Belgium chocolate concept in a multi-branded confectionary environment, selecting products with precision for geographical origins with represented delicacies from across Europe.

Gautam Fashion nv (Belgium - Revamped annual revenues to upto >£3.0M)                                                                      

§  Piloted intense negotiations with BALLY to convert 2 mono-brand Brussels Airport operations into a multi-branded business as BALLY indicated a change in airport retail strategy with pricing and product range.

Anupam Mishra (99009)
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