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MAGIC – JES recruitmenTR job seekers full support programme

Here is just a taster of what you can expect when you chose to invest in your future career with JES recruitmenTR’s ‘MAGIC’ job seekers full support programme:


Support topics

  1. Ensuring your knowledge, experience, and skill set match the job you are applying for

  2. Identifying and promoting your transferable skills

  3. How to develop a ‘failure is not having a go’ attitude through applying emotional intelligence

  4. Creating a CV is eye catching enough to make it to the ‘next stage’ pile

  5. How and what to learn about the company you want to work for and the Travel Retail industry as a whole

  6. Ensuring you look and sound like the real deal when being interviewed using an online communication tool

  7. Preparing for that final face to face interview

Contact us here or below to discuss MAGIC

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