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Senior travel retail manager

European Union


As the Head of Travel Retail at ***** , I lead the strategic development and execution of the travel retail business, managing a large and diverse portfolio of brands and channels across the Americas marine based sector. 

Besides over 4 years of experience in the Global Travel Retail sector, I have more than 7 years of experience within the FMCG industry in various scopes leading diverse and international businesses and teams. Throughout my career I have built a strong global background including:

Strategic Vision and Leadership:

Building and executing business strategies, optimizing market positioning, fostering partnerships, and driving sustainable growth.

Financial Acumen: 

Expertise in financial stewardship, managing Profit and Loss (P&L) accountability.

Cross-functional Team Leadership: 

Leading & supporting teams across sales, operations, and finance, fostering collaboration and achieving set goals.

Stakeholder and Relationship Management: 

Cultivating strong partnerships with key stakeholders, including cruise line partners, national & global accounts, and internal departments.

Market Insights and Innovation: 

Staying ahead of industry trends, leveraging market insights to drive innovative product/service offerings.

Driving Growth Initiatives: 

Spearheading initiatives focused on customer-centricity, sustainable growth and enhancing customer experiences

My global experties, entrepreneurial mindset & commercial acumen allowed me to delivering growth in the fast-paced and dynamic travel retail environment. Creating value for our customers, consumers, and stakeholders.

Outside of work, I am enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures - 44 countries and counting - and a big fan of sports (mostly Team Sports).


Company : On request

Title : Senior management global

Period : 2022 - Present

Title : Senior management EMEA

Period : 2021 - 2022

Title : Senior Account Manager Travel Retail EMEA

Period : 2020 - 2021

Since three years, I am in a position leading regions within *****, first EMEA and now more globally. In this capacity, I have been navigating the complex landscape of the Global Travel Retail Market, overseeing the respective teams, and steering the business towards strong YOY growth over the past years.

Besides managing the operations, I am also responsible for shaping the short and long term business plans that align with the company's overarching goals. This includes the crafting of growth and Route-To-Market strategies for key channels, ensuring a robust and sustainable trajectory for the business.

Over the past years I was able to enrich my commercial acumen through mastering the Global Travel Retail market with its diverse & fast paced environment. The Global scale of our business, entails managing diverse consumer and customer profiles and requires a deep understanding of regional nuances, consumer behaviors, and industry trends. 

Moreover, my management remits have further honed my strategic acumen, requiring a nuanced approach to cater to the unique demands of this growing channel.

Throughout both roles, I have led various teams with a focus on fostering collaboration, innovation, and high-performance standards. This experience so far has been invaluable in refining my leadership skills, allowing me to consistently deliver results, contributing to the company's overall success and the channels future direction.

Title : Online Marketing Manager

Company : On request

Period : 2015 - 2015

In this position, I was in charge of planning and implementing the Social Media and E-Mail Marketing strategy.

Title : Founder / General manager

Company : On request

Period : 2012 - 2015

As the Founder I have built a new online marketing agency and luanched two innovative advertising tools. We have also successfully consulted online shops and small businesses about their online marketing strategy. Furthermore I have gained experience with marketing tools such as Salesforce.

In this time I also gained experience in team leading and guided them through marketing strategies, customer acquisition and product innovation processes.

Title : E-commerce and Marketing Manager

Company : On request

Period : 2011 - 2012

I worked on the marketing of a newly introduced online shop. Therefore I created a marketing plan and was responsible for the successful market implementation. My responsibilities reached from campaign analysis, campaign implementation, social media and SEM-optimization too the affiliate marketing of the online shop.


Master of Science MSc Global Marketing

Bachelor of Science Bsc Business Management, marketing and related support services


German (Native)

English (Native)

Additional language details on request

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