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Loss prevention officer

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Type


Job Description

You will be an important member of the Lost Prevention Team to protect the company's assets by identifying potential areas of loss.

You will stay alert to pilferage, patrol building premises and/or shop floor and carry out security checks.

You will perform retail security duties and ensure that all staff and customers are in a secure and safe environment. 

Protect the company's assets by identifying potential areas of loss through pilferage

Patrol building premises/shop floor to prevent external and internal pilferage and report any loss uncovered for immediate action 

Monitor CCTV and alarm equipment to reduce pilferage or shrinkage 

Carry out security checks on merchandise at checkpoints as well as conducting ad-hoc checks on employees 

Audit POS exceptional transactions and cash variances 

Ensure that the potential shoplifters are kept under close surveillance and all shoplifters are apprehended strictly in accordance with our Policy and Procedures and in a manner whereby it is to the best of his knowledge that the Company is protected from any legal liabilities

Liaise with Police when required 

Monitor building premises and shop floor for safety and security hazards such as fire, power failure and render assistance in such emergencies 

Report any accident/injury/hazard in the workplace to manager or the site OHS Representative using the company's systems and the logbook

Key Requirements

Secondary School or High School Diploma equivalent 

Minimum 2 years’ experience in Loss Prevention, Retail Security or similar field

Must be able to pass a criminal background check, as required

Able to handle persons who resist arrest for theft or other unlawful behavior

Able to appropriately address situations involving unruly or disorderly persons 

Able to work flexible hours and shifts, including weekends, nights and holidays as required by the needs of the business 

Fluency in English language and other language(s) as required by location

Non-Union Position

Pay Range: $16.70 - $25.00 hourly rate

Starting Hourly Rate at $18.04 per Hour

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