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JESTRAD09021 - Account Manager Duty Free - Overseas Distribution Company NV · Antwerp, Belgium - Apply here

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Een proactieve Accountmanager om een gevarieerde portefeuille van belangrijke klanten te managen. In jouw portefeuille vindt je variatie in een aantal large accountklanten, aangevuld met enkele medium en small accounts.


In deze functie ben jij het centrale commerciële contactpersoon voor je klanten, beheer je hun behoeften en coördineer je effectief met relevante interne afdelingen binnen ODC. Je monitort de prestaties van klanten, stimuleert winstgevendheid, onderhandelt over contracten en ontwikkelt nauwe en langdurige samenwerking met klanten.


Een greep uit jouw verantwoordelijkheden:

  • In de eerste plaats ben jij de centrale contactpersoon voor klanten en zorgt ervoor dat hun behoeften efficiënt en effectief worden vervuld. Jij volgt alles voor hen op, van A (administratie) tot Z (na-zorg).

  • Je coördineert en communiceert met interne afdelingen met het oog op de beste service naar jouw klant toe.

  • Bewaken van voorraadniveaus, forecasts en het algemene serviceniveau naar klanten toe.

  • Rapporten genereren over voorraadniveaus en uitleverprestaties.

  • Analyseren van klantprestaties en relevante opportuniteiten te identificeren.

  • De Profit & Loss van je klanten portefeuille monitoren en streven naar optimalisatie.

  • Vergaderingen organiseren met klanten om te onderhandelen over contracten en sterke partnerschappen op te bouwen.

  • Prijs- en transportstrategieën beheren en plannen ontwikkelen om marges te verhogen.

  • Bestaande verkoopprocessen en interne key performance indicators evalueren om constant te verbeteren.

  • De vraag van klanten realistisch budgetteren.

  • Beurzen bijwonen om te netwerken met klanten en leveranciers.

  • Een relevant netwerk ontwikkelen en onderhouden.

JESTRAD29012 - Wrist Ship Supply - Category co-ordinator - Singapore - Apply here

Deadline : 14th February 2024

The Procurement Category Coordinator/Analyst’s main responsibility is to support the Category procurement function. This includes data maintenance on trade agreements, creation of items, preparation of supplier contracts and maintaining and updating important supplier documents such as certificates and material safety data sheets. The support also includes setting up items so that inbound supply chain in Wrist runs smooth and that forecasting created to key suppliers with volume agreements.

The Category Coordinator role also includes go to market preparation such as assortment cleanup, spend calculations, forecasting and creation of negotiation packages. He/She also helps to analyze spend data for cost savings opportunities.

More specifically, your key responsibilities will be to

  • Efficient use of procurement processes and tools, fix benchmarking tools, Scan market, item mapping, redirects, cost modelling, rapid package. A new category coordinator will need to learn the tools used in Wrist but it is important that a candidate are capable and willing to learn and onboarded in a good way so they over time can be masters in these processes supporting the category managers.

  • Data maintenance including phase in, TA maintenance, supplier contract preparation and reporting. One of the main priority for a coordinator is to maintain the data related to ongoing activities in the category manager team. They are to a large extent, doing the leg work before and after a category activity.

  • Coordinators will analyse category spend prior to tenders, actions or negotiations. Part of this involves making mapping and redirects of duplicate and equivalent products and thereby preparing the category for the strategic initiatives that will be driven by the Category Manager. It is absolute crucial being able to understand the full business impact of whatever strategic initiatives that a category coordinator executes in a holistic manner.

JESTRAD29011 - Wrist Ship Supply - Regional category manager - Aalborg or Esbjerg, Denmark - Apply here

As a Regional Category Manager, you will play a pivotal role in fostering and enhancing relationships with the regional vendor community. This includes strategically positioning Wrist through a comprehensive assessment of the total cost of ownership, considering factors such as price, quality, availability and logistics. Additionally, you will analyze data patterns to optimize assortments globally and regionally across the Wrist organization.

Become part of our European Category Management unit
Join our dynamic Regional Category Management team where you will report to Lasse Hedeman, Regional Procurement Manager. In this role, you'll seamlessly become a part of our thriving European Category Management unit. The position can be based in either Aalborg or Esbjerg, Denmark. During the initial months, a comprehensive onboarding period will ensure a smooth transition. Subsequently, you can enjoy the flexibility of working from home on designated days each week. There will be some travel associated with this job. You should expect around 5+ days per year, primarily related to visiting fairs and vendors.

Your key responsibilities in this job will include initiating sourcing projects, developing and maintaining procurement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the respective area, and analyzing and categorizing patterns. Your main focus will be on project management, with a primary emphasis on strategic sourcing.

More specifically, your key responsibilities will be to:
• Develop and execute regional procurement and category strategies for assigned categories, aligning with global strategies.
• Analyze spending patterns, monitor commodity costs, and communicate opportunities to internal stakeholders.
• Utilize advanced negotiation tools for vendor relationships, running sourcing projects, and driving cost-saving initiatives.
• Optimize assortments and COGS through global and regional programs.
• Share best practices between regional offices and the global procurement team.
• Maintain and enhance procurement SOPs within the respective area.

Personality matters
You embody our core values of a 'Winning Attitude,' 'Customer Orientation,' and 'Getting it Done.' As an individual, you're someone others can rely on, demonstrating a keen business acumen. You excel at expressing ideas clearly and place a high value on teamwork, ensuring efficiency in tasks. Your attentive listening skills contribute to building strong relationships, both within our team and with people outside the company.

JESTRAD24011 - B&S - Travel Retail Sales Manager - Dubai, UAE - Apply here

At B&S, Sales means building a lasting and equal partnership with your relation or client. As Sales Manager – Duty Free based in our Dubai, UAE office you’ll take your time in building your connections and getting to know the market. You are up to date about the developments within the market. In practice, you apply these strategies during your negotiations. You mainly keep in contact with your clients through the phone and digital, but you will visit your customers regularly. Besides your commercial activities, you coordinate processing the orders and customer satisfaction. You are fully aware of the processes and systems. To stay ahead in your market and keep your strategies up to date, you will extensively use our systems to analyse strategies and results.

You work closely with your commercial colleagues and often consult with them. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. Together, you determine the success of your team and the organization. As a new colleague, you have the opportunity to take the initiative. As a very experienced sales environmental organization, we provide you with growth opportunities, and we expect you to take every chance you get and develop yourself. We want you to grow with us, and we grow fast!

This is you

Besides your entrepreneurial and commercial mindset, you find other cultures fascinating, and you can quickly adapt. Partly because of your work experience, you have already formed your strong vision for sales. In addition, you highly value freedom and have the confidence and space to manage this position according to how you like it. You are ready for the next step in your career!


  • Have already gained 3+ years' experience in FMCG sales, and are looking for the next step in your career

  • High degree of knowledge of the Liquor and Confectionary categories would be a distinct advantage

  • Are experienced in the duty-free channel, and have represented reputable regional distributors and/or leading brand owners in the region

  • Possess a strong network of potential customers, suppliers and other important external stakeholders

  • You understand the requirements of the various sub channels, as you will be dealing with airport retailers, airlines, border stores, ship chandlers and cruise operators

  • Are entrepreneurial, creative and can work well independently

  • Don’t limit yourself to your tasks. You are a real team player and you strive for a team result

  • enjoy travelling for work, to visit customers and attend trade shows. You will make these trips about four or five times a year

  • Have analytical skills

  • Have an excellent command of English, in speaking and writing. A third language such as French, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin or Arabic or would be an advantage

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