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Who we are ...

JES recruitmenTR, a division of German registered JES Travel Retail (see "Disclaimer" on the website for more details) office are experts in recruitment within global travel retail / duty free.

The JES recruitmenTR division is the world's only global online jobs board, talent pool and recruitment coaching service provider dedicated solely to the travel retail sector.

With a JES audience across 100+ countries, and 10 partner offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, India, Dubai and Korea we provide, based on 30 years experience in duty free, the positioning, experience and network to best promote your global travel retail vacancies. 

What we do ...

JES recruitmenTR promotes roles within all of the 4 core travel retail sector in addition to those connected to the wider travel retail / duty free sector (border stores, diplomatic and military retail).  The website provides the widest possible information about vacancies in the sector in addition to a talent pool of job seekers within travel retail.  For those wishing to receive mentoring on CV creation or interview coaching then we offer our MAGIC service.

JES recruitmenTR is NOT a recruitment agency. 

If you wish to have the contact details of anyone in the Talent Pool then this, subject to the persons agreement, is supplied FREE OF CHARGE.  If any advert produces a suitable candiate we DO NOT charge any retrospective fee - our fee is a cost effective flat rate for advertising the vacancy to our audience in 100+ countries.  With our new recruitment services unique approach to pricing you have FULL CONTROL over costings:. 

Why we do it ...

Travel retail, whilst being commonly known through one's travel is still a niche market when it comes to recruitment.  The sector has regional, linguistic and work rotation nuances that makes the sector recruitment angle unique.  We appreciate that these nuances should be addressed on a dedicated jobs board - JES recruitmenTR. 


For job seekers with travel retail experience we also appreciate that the traditional jobs boards do not cater for our specialist sector and therefore we are happy to assist them in looking for their next career through the free of charge Talent Pool.

There are a number of recruitment offices that offer coaching however we provide these services via experienced travel retail experts who know the indusry and who have coached across multiple sectors for over 25 years.  



Update : Langerwehe, Germany - JES recruitmenTR has recently been  undergoing a number of internal changes to further improve the only online job boards dedicated solely to the global travel retail sector.  During this period the number of vacancies was reduced, we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. 
JES recruitmenTR founder and owner Tim Jobber "We have endeavoured to keep the disruption connected our internal expansion to a minimum and trust that not only have we been able to provide assistance to those that have contacted our office but are now providing an even more unique tailored service to the travel retail sector." 
Contact us below or at for more information on the changes or view our job boards that are now being updated only a daily basis.


Be the first to know ...

Travel retail never sleeps and therefore through our partner offices in Korea, India, Dubai, Germany, Miami, Quebec and Mexico. we constantly monitor the recruitment market  around the globe.

Register below to keep updated on the latest recruitment news within travel retail, details of new roles and for brands and retailers details of new entries to our talent pool.

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